What the heck is WIPpet Wednesday?

Before I go into detail with today’s post, I thought it might be best to share my WIP (work in progress) novel once again. Believe me there is reason to my madness. I haven’t spoken much about my current WIP for a while and I know it’s not cool.


Tellus: Rooted Vengeance is about four individuals who decides to take it upon themselves to solve their own problems using the magic abilities they earned from their coming of age or birth. Its set during the planet’s beginning stages of war with the demons and monsters that inhabited the world thousands of years of before. Basically, something stirred them to become rowdy and now a lot of blood shedding has occurred throughout the lands and the guardians who were supposed to protect the people finally started doing something about it.

The story is told from multiple of characters, including the protagonists.

Alright, as I stated in my recent post I am definitely taking my writing and blogging seriously. So, I reached out to a professional who is killer with crime novels and badass female leads. She had a post called “WIPpet Wednesday” I’m thinking, Oh cool and expert! But it’s not an ordinary excerpt. It deals with the dreadful usage of numbers. If ya like me and haven’t’ figured it out just yet, I’ll go ahead and say it. Math.

Mmhm. Math.

Now, I know what you are thinking, what does math have to do with writing? Well, it depends. If you’re writing is some sort of scientific theory then I believe it may play a hand or if one of yours characters is an accountant know-it-all or like the guy from Numbers, who actually solves cases mathematically then I will say math has a lot to do with your writing.

However, in this case it deals with the date and how long your posted excerpt can be. Sounds confusing? Yeah, I know. So, I’ve copied and paste it here word for word from Adrian J Smith blog exactly what WIPpet Wednesday is.

Post an excerpt of your WIP (Work in Progress) on your blog. The ONLY rule is that it in some way correlates to the date. Once you post, link it up with the rest, and check out other people’s work… And have fun!

Pretty neat, huh? Yeah, I know it is.

For my WIPpet I thought it would be a great idea to start off the story with Muà from Tellus: Rooted Vengeance. Muà’s been hearing the cries of a baby animal. She reaches out to the chief of her hunting pact and he promises to search for it with a team.

9 paragraphs (12 – 3 for December 3)

“Forgive me but a un who’s not worthy of following basic tribal regulations is a un not worth saving.” He gestured Muà. “Come. We have a meeting scheduled.”

The pàe yelps came across Muà ears like thunder and she clamped them with her hands and kneel to her knees. “Do you not hear the pain?” she yelled.

Dùng eyes rolled to the side and he sighed. “Fine, I will gather a team to rescue the un.”

“Really?” she said, “Awesome I owe, I’ll gather my gear.”

“Wait,” he said with his hand extended. “It’s dangerous on the other side of the line. I’ll rally a team, your father needs you elsewhere.”

Muà gazed deep into the amber eyes of Dùng. She wanted to believe him but something deep at the pit of her stomach made her fear his words as a small flame fears a roaring sea. “Fine, I will see my father,” she said. 

Muà dabbled around the watering hole gazing at the un’s and their mothers.  The mother pae’s bathed their children, cleaning behind their ears and underneath their bellies. Her mind drifting back to the cries of the young un beyond the line, a territory that not even her tribe had yet to discover, let alone herself. She wondered where the un’s mother had been when he crossed the line. Was she killed by hunters or because she was “unworthy.” She sighed and tossed a pebble into the pond, it rippled across leaving small circles trailing behind.

“It’s not fair.” She pouted. Why was the weak always left behind, eaten or killed? According to tribal statics— she was weak. Muà flipped her hair back. How can she go back to the village knowing someone of her own calls out? Not just another un, but one who was consider the same as she. Her bottom lip quivered.

“Hell, it will be too late,” she said under her breath and dashed back into the jungle. 

Welp, here is my WIPpet and I hoped you enjoyed it!

9 Comments on “What the heck is WIPpet Wednesday?

  1. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! This was a really interesting excerpt. I particularly liked the complexity of the work building which came through. 🙂

  2. I can’t help wondering if she actually heard the crying or if it was some psychic event? I’m gonna need to know this. Lol Sounds awesome so far.

      • Well the awesome thing is that while you’re writing it, it doesn’t matter. In editing it becomes an issue. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll make the right choice.

  3. Welcome to the WIPpeteers. 😀 Glad you took the plunge.

    Love this line, “something deep at the pit of her stomach made her fear his words as a small flame fears a roaring sea”. This certainly sounds like an interesting piece you’ve got going.

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