What’s New and What’s Not

I haven’t been neglecting my duties as a blogger, fear not. I’ve been researching ways to improve and make it more interesting for the lovely peeps who stop by. I’ll admit. I’m still a little nervous by the whole blogging experience but I am excited to learn and grow from the suggestions and feedback from every awesome person who comments. How can one grow without trials and errors, right? So, everyone who happens to read a post or watch a video or gander at an image, please tell me what you think.

What have I done so far…

I’m in the midst of updating my blog with my own personal touch but still keeping it in the professional lines of interest. I don’t want to scare anyone away and I don’t want to make it too boring or the generic every other blog that has clutter our internet. I know, it will take time and experience but I am saying that I’m willing to take that step.

I’m also going to upload a few emotional stories. I haven’t found the exact word, basically it’s the type of stories we write when we’re undergoing a type of “feeling”. As we know these can range from heavy depression to light-hearted happiness. These will be random, you might see five in a week or none at all.

I am also an avid fan of the Japanese language. But, lately I have been swamped with schooling, working on my projects, including my blog that I haven’t been able to study, until…

Drum roll please. *badumdumm* (not sure that I typed the sound right)

I am going to post a few words and phrases here, including images, of course. Who doesn’t want to learn a new language? I see it as we can learn together. The more the merrier.

While researching I also learned a few things and one in particular is to post an expert of the novel I’m working on. I noticed a lot has done this and more who cringed on the thought of exposing pieces of their amazing creations. I’m neither for nor against it. I’m neutral. But I will give it a try. What harm can it do? (Please, tell me not much harm will be done.)

By now I’m pretty sure you are thinking that I have completely lost mind. Maybe I have. That can be one huge possibility. But I figured, why not talk about the things I love. I can’t be bored doing something I adore. Plus doesn’t it add a uniqueness about it, probably not because I have seen other blogs such as mine and many have their stuff together. I’m not discourage. A little friendly competition is always good for the soul.

Until the next posting, Write On!

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