The Fear Of It All


Image located at eyesofodysseus

The air flowed from my lungs in a breathless heave, passed my lips into the surrounding waters around me. My body plunged deeper and deeper. My arms thrashed, a reaction common to the frantic.

Why am I struggling?

The ocean floor is a blackened abyss, calling out to me, beckoning me to an eternal slumber. But the pools of blues and green blended together on the surface in such harmony by the sun is alluring and breathtaking.

It can’t be… the end?

A hand reached out to me. The pale skin of an unfamiliar limb. A muffled voice calling behind a hazy mask. Slowly, I extended my hand.

Are you here to save… me?

The ghostly hands of a stranger swam closer, our fingers interlocked for a brief moment before the currents spiraled us apart, my body plummeting deeper and deeper. Their voice drowned in the waves. A faint smile spread upon my face.

Don’t scream…

Seconds felt like hours. The whooshing of the waters contracts to the pounding of my fading heart. There is no light only darkness.

I am… alone.

In my certain loneliness I am caressed. Held firmed in the arms of darkness, my body relaxes, my mind at ease. The warmth of the sea around me, showing me hints of blues and greens through the obscurity of the black.

It is not as dark as I thought.

I smiled, closing the heaviness that is to be my eyelids, sandbags pressing against the back of them. The beautiful pools of blues and green fade, their presences forever imprinted in me as my heart makes it final beat.

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