Update and More

I’m screaming right now. Yes, literally! I have less than seven hundred words to complete this year NaNoWriMo. I still can’t believe that I made it this far. You wouldn’t guess how many times I’ve slapped myself in the forehead when my flow slowed and still I had to push. Like a billion, nah I’m kidding but it was a lot, though. Oh…and Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely persons out there, who I am sure are at your desk typing away with a plate full turkey beside you. Kudos! Keep writing!

On the other hand, I have been secretly researching a song. I’ve been trying to download it for the past couple of weeks since the series aired. I normally don’t do this, as I stated on my Facebook page, but this song has really captured me in more ways than one. I’ll give a few examples:

  1. The beat – I love head banging music (as my fiancรฉ calls it). It gets me in the zone, focus, and I am more motivated when I’m writing or drawing. Everyone has to have there tunes, right?
  2. The lyrics – No, I don’t know Japanese’s, yet! But I have been picking up words here and there from the anime I watch. However, this particular opening is mostly English but still has my favorite languageย in some of the chorus. I can relate, honestly. What better way to enjoy an upbeat tune and have the lyrics to relate too!
  3. The anime – Not only is the music awesome, but so is the series. I’ve been hook from day one and it has originality. As a writer, I’m sure we all can relate. We all want our stories, characters, to imprint our readers mind. This series have done it for me.

That’s a few listed. If you would like toย see the awesome opening. I have embedded it below.

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