This is what happens when you deal with Socialists

I’m going to start by taking a deep breath. Breath in. Breath out.


Today is not a good day! Besides being behind on the word count for NaNoWriMo and my own school assignments, I have to deal with the craziness that life decides to throw at me.

To put it frank, I enjoy the company of myself. However there are times when certain people intrigue me and their company brings joy to my life. That number is few. Less than five, to be exact.

And then there are others who make my life seem like a riddle. They turn simple requests into long paragraphs and dialogues of back and forth questions. In the end still resulting in the request being unanswered. These people are the type who love to communicate. They enjoy picking the brains of others, especially introverts like myself, and await for the volcano that is to be our mind to erupt and ooze out of the holes in our face.

I’m not good with talking with others. Hold on, let me rephrase, I don’t like talking to with others. That is why I write; to express how I feel and what I think through words I cannot explain otherwise with the common communication approach. I finally figured that much about myself. Speaking is tedious to me. I have to do it at work, which at times I enjoy. I have to do it for my children to teach and help them when they need. I don’t want to have to speak for unnecessary trivial, which could be avoided.

Which brings me to my post title. What happens is just before my brain ooze out of my ears, my fingers peck furiously at my phone’s keyboard and words flow through them as if I was talking to the very person that has irritated me to the point of explosion. And there is magic!

In the midst of all the maddens I come up with an awesome Facebook status, which is quoted below.

One of the reasons why I love being an introvert #1: Being alone means not having to deal with the unnecessary confusion and mayhem that comes with being with others and feeling absolute fabulous about it.

So, what happens when you deal with socialists? Awesome quotes happens. Oh yeah!

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