Started a Map!

It’s been a busy month. A lot of things are happening and going if that even makes sense. I haven’t been able to work on  my own stories like I want to because I’ve been engrossed in school work. Well, school is important. However, I’ll be lying to myself if I said that’s all I’ve been doing.

Actually, I started using Photoshop. I scanned part of the map to the fantasy novel I’m working on. It’s still in it’s rough stages but I think it’s coming along nicely. After a week of getting used to the tools in Photoshop it took me another two days to get the basic land mass down. I’m still excited about the end result.

Well, here is the map for Tellus, book one. The water lines in the bottom two kind of faded within them. Hopefully after I add the details it’ll come out much better.

Tellus- Book One - Map

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