Making Progress

Okay, I’ve come to conclusion that it wasn’t wise of me to tackle two stories and juggle life. Not to say that I won’t work on other stories. It’s just isn’t wise for me to compare to different stories on two different levels on the same time frame. So, I’m going to make some adjustments. Second Life is a newly develop story that still needs the plot stabled whereas Tellus’s been worked on for about a year. The story itself is massive, including the locations. Plus, I’m more psyched in to completing Tellus.

This week I’ve been working on the country, Eternal Fields. A human dominate country that used much of its resources and environment to expand its magic. Because of such acts their lands are scarce and barely any foliage grows. To grow financially the governors of the country build a sort of green house in each state.  It also preserves what little planet life they have. This is where my protagonist starts her journey in a small orphanage full of nonhumans, including herself. Interesting to see how my story will begin, I already have in mind how I want to start. Once I finish developing the country completely I can began writing on the first couple of chapters. Yay!

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