Game Writing… Um, yeah.

I’m pretty much into trying new things, especially when they tailor to my already loveable passion. So when I realized that my next course was game writing I was standing doing my happy dance. I love games! I love writing! With both together what could possibly go wrong?


First the introductory clearly states that the game industry is kind of like the bottom of jobs when it comes to writing. Mainly because most games doesn’t require a narrative story. And the games does have a narrative story the work following is a like mountain compared to any other medium of writing.

That kind of crushed me. Really.

The first week of the course we took a story, a piece we would want to see in a game, and did an assignment called a Branching Conversation. Yup, it’s basically writing a conversation that gives the reader (player for a game) the opportunity to choose what the protagonist should say next. Sometimes it does end the same or each response can have a totally different ending. Nice, huh?

That’s what I thought, too. Until I actually had to sit down and write one. The story wasn’t the problem, it was the linking and making sure everything flow as it should that end result came out right.  Or at least made sense. It took me… six hours to get through, I want to say, less than a thousand words.

I know, what the heck, right?

The project was tough but it was fun to learn another style of writing. Branching stories are a great way to get the reader interactive. It makes them feel in control. And who wouldn’t like that? I know I do!

I think I might dabble into again sometime. Not right now, though. From the course I found an excellent tool that allows you to make those awesome branching stories for free!

Check it out @ inklewriter

Want to try out my first branching story . Awesome! Just click on the title provided here: Enter the Alley

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