Paper and Pencil VS. Screen and Keyboard

Okay, I admit defeat when defeated and I have been beaten. I let what is known as writer’s block strangle and gag me. I know there are ways for me to try and get around it but I shrugged my shoulders and said “whateve…”


Which led me thinking, “Why did I get stump in the first place?”

I know the chapter I was working on, chapter one, had some hang ups. I just couldn’t figure how I wanted to start my story. There were multiple scenarios but I wanted an eye-opener. A chapter that not only shared insight on my character’s personality but how she viewed the world AND even rolling the stone that setup the plot.


It took a while especially since all I was doing was gazing at a blank screen and a blinking cursor. The more I stared bewilder the more I wanted to give up. I learned to look at a problem from all perspectives. In this day the use of technology and its functions replaced many labor tasks that resulted buying countless of supplies to complete project i.e. the pencil and paper for writing. The more one writes, the more paper used and the more money that’s needed to buy more. I understand that can be tedious which is why many converted to computers, not to mention the delete feature triumphs all erasing.


Sometimes it’s best to go back to traditional way of writing. It’s less intimidating for me and I can write freely. There are times when I type and a bunch of words with red squiggly lines throws me off. I find myself going back and rewriting and reading before the piece is finished. The biggest problem. I often many times forget that what’s typed first is only the first draft. My mind believes it’s the finished piece. After all, it does looks nice all formatted and such. But what paper and pencil my mind already knows it’s the first draft and for some strange reason I can write my story like running water.

I personally think my writing style best fits jogging everything on paper and then typing it. I can be a hassle but it works best for me in the editing phase as well.

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