Getting Started

It’s been a busy week and I have to say writing has been slower than usual. But as the great minds say the only way to be good at something is to practice. And with that I’m going to redefine my evening with writing chapter one in my fantasy novel.

The original idea started as a Sci-Fi novel but as I could not for the love of me get it to go the way I wanted, I had to think on my toes. This was a project for my literary genre III fantasy and Sci-fiction course. Since I’m doing everything online there is a time frame and boy, what a hassle this was. My original idea didn’t fit the requirements and no matter how I tried to work around it and add that magical realm like approach. It just didn’t work out at all.

The day before the assignment, well, that night in my dreams, the idea came to me. I was uber excited! Overjoyed! But the reality was it wasn’t developed enough. The outline was barely a skeleton. Usually I could go in fill in the tissues and muscles about my story but this time it wasn’t happening. Not that my idea lacked creativeness it just wasn’t developed enough. I spent three days writing my outline. I know a lot of people hate outlines because sometimes it strays from the story and one can spend too much time on them. But for me it gives me the basics:

  • The type of protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) I want to have for this particular story (I always do a brief bio, something short and to the point.)
  • Setting (The world or realms)
  • The time frame (middle ages, Jurassic era, etc.)
  • The plot (How I want the story to unfold.)
  • Secondary Characters ( characters who are helping or against my protagonist(s) but not significantly as important)
  • Resolution (this varies but I always like to have a basic end. Ex. Laura finds her mom abducted by her step-dad.)

After filling in everything I needed for my skeleton it was time to write the first chapter. Now it was a matter of where I wanted to start and end my story to turn it in for a grade. The assignment had a two thousand word limit.  Since I’m developing it to become a novel it was a little hard for me to figure out a good opening. If I started with a flowery exposition than that will take from my word count where I needed action to be. But if I start right into the action that’ll confuse me (and the reader) in the long run (I know I’m difficult). So, I met myself midway. Making the first paragraph a description then adding a character introduction, basically shown my character in her everyday life and then getting to the worries and woes. It turned out to be a great first draft. I was so hyper focused I didn’t realize that I was about to go over the word count for the assignment.

By the end of chapter one I left the keyboard satisfied. It can’t get any better than that.

Or can it…

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