A New Beginning

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Samara Norton and I am the owner of this lovely little blog. It’s pretty bare now, but over time it’ll be filled with many ideas, projects, questions, concerns, answers, frustrations, stories, readings and many other writing stipulations that writers go through.

My philosophy has always been to write, write and write some more. But that usually never happens the way I want it to, especially being a procrastinator and having two whirlwind children running around daily. Not to mention the nine to five and other responsibilities. Oh, my heavens!

That’s all going to change… well, sort of.

I honestly believe by having a blog it’ll encourage me to keep pushing. Because no one likes to look at their work and see it not full of life, even if no one isn’t looking at it. I think this will be my extra push of motivation to continue what I love to do. I have in mind of all the wonders it can do, like keeping track of all my works and even showcasing the completed ones. I know I can’t spit out a masterpiece in a day. However if I continue to write, research, and learn than somebody that masterpiece will be born. I may not be the next big writer. But I am a WRITER.

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.” – James Michener

I’ve learned that a writer’s job always follows this process: write and rewrite and rewrite some more and so on…

So, I’m going to write and rewrite until my chubby little fingers go numb.

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