❄ ❤samara 🌼ks🌼 norton❤ ❄

👋hello. if you are here then you are interested in ks, me. awesome and most wise decision. i am the sardonic queen of 3 👫🐼👑 earning a certificate in media communications. i am a 🎨 fanatic enthrall w/ designing & writing about🗣


🌤i believe in the unbelievable 🌈🦄

life is a contradictory puzzle. as i ping pong through ideas, through life, opportunities typhoon my mind followed by a continuous cycle of confusion and doubt. i tend to get swept in. why am i here? am i on the right path? what the hell is the right path? what am i here to do? what is my purpose? these inquiries flood my thoughts submerging reason and comprehension.

every discovery and improvement is prompt by a sentimental attachment i cannot control. my feelings. i can cope. manage. find ways to show them subtlety. but, i cannot micromanage my emotions. they are as unpredictable and painful as a ricochet bullet piercing through my limbs.

👩‍⚕️ but, if i tend my wounds right it’ll heal 💟 bearing an intellectual draft for next time☀depression is an adversary meant to strengthen my 🧠❤🙏🎨

❄i’m expanding my niche, starting a new chapter 📖 welcome to chapter 4 of life is never fair☕

💕🌼i am ks affects

 laugh 🌼 inspire 🌼 visualize 🌼 explore

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